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Credits: Ra’anaa Yaminah

Materials: Cardstock Prints & Wire

Equipment: Vivitar 450/SLD 

2021-2022 ∙ Amber Hill Gallery 

The Lives They Lead is a multi-media installation designed to uplift the voices of Black, Indigenous and women of colour in N’Swakamok. Comprised of a series of dynamic photographs and excerpts of compelling interviews with six subjects, this project seeks to present a platform for the presentation of inspirational stories of women of colour, highlighting their experiences with racism, sexism, and transcendence of perseverance to achieve their many successes. This immersive and intersectional work of art seeks to elevate the stories of the subjects and act as a reminder that many historic social justice interventions have been pioneered by not only women but women of colour and to further highlight the inspirational lives being led right here in our community. This project was made possible thanks to the generous contributions of Pat the Dog Theatre Creation and She & Her.

Image Credits: Isak Vaillancourt (installation images only)

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