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Ra’anaa Yaminah Ekundayo is an emerging multimedia visual activist scholar whose practice extends between Tiohtià:ke (Montreal, QC) and N’Swakamok (Sudbury, ON). Their work explores the intersection of art and activism, particularly contemplating the entanglement of Black identity, community, and futurity. Co-founder and Chair of Black Lives Matter Sudbury, Ra’anaa strives for an active decolonization of every facet of their life, supporting calls to defund the police, abolish the prison industrial complex, and for liberation in our lifetime.


They have taken on many leadership roles, as an artist, activist and academic, creating space for people of colour and continually promoting anti-racist practices and social justice. Ra’anaa is impassioned by community-engaged art and the notion that art should be inherently accessible. A Black queer cultural curator, Ra’anaa holds a master’s degree in architecture and is currently pursuing their SSHRC-funded doctorate in art history at Concordia University. Ra’anaa is a 2022 STEPS Public Art CreateSpace Artist-in-Residence, a 2022-23 Barry Pashak Social Justice Graduate Fellow, and a 2023-24 Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism Black Arts Fellow. 


My art is a joyful rebellion, serving as an outlet for exploring the intricate layers of Black identities beyond the confines of the cis-Euro patriarchy. I refuse to solely center Black pain; instead, I delve into the realms of pleasure and joy, reclaiming them as acts of resistance. Rooted in radical love, education, and self-care, my art is a means of liberation.  Community is the heartbeat of my work. I believe in creating art that’s accessible to all, dismantling barriers to viewership. Transparency is paramount, from production to implementation, ensuring a wholly inclusive experience.  My art is a catalyst for dialogue, sparking conversations that challenge oppressive structures and foster empathy. It is a call to action, to dismantle systems of injustice and build a world where all voices are heard and celebrated.


A multidisciplinary artist, my practice embraces black-and-white film photography, poetry, and immersive installation components. My work delves into the duality and complexities of the Black lived experience, contemplating difficult narratives while simultaneously challenging and decolonizing colonial and Western ideals. My art embodies Black joy and love, focusing on Black identity, and community care, infused with elements of Afrofuturism. 

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